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Thursday, April 22, 2004

THE STREETS - Dry Your Eyes
There's something oddly unsatisfying about the whole album, but tucked right toward the tail-end of A Grand Don't Come For Free is this rather gorgeous lament. The strings in the background remind me of The Hollies, and in the face of such a simply, but devastatingly-worded sentiment like "I know it's hard to take but her mind has been made up", you can even forgive the alleged involvement of Chris fucking Martin.

This isn't the It's Too Late sequel other people have said it is, it's really just a lovely melancholy pop song with spoken word. It's not revolutionary, except perhaps for people who haven't been hearing somewhat-reminiscent European pop hybrids of these two. Outlandish, for instance aren't too different from this sound and they've been around since before the first Streets album, but this is an emotional king-hit rather than a great win for innovation and originality. It works even better as a stand-alone track ("ah but you have to hear it in the context of the album!" be buggered), and as for the top parts of the chart (i.e. top 5), it could well be in.
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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

My sister on Daniel's sister...
"Is this Pink's sister?"
"One of the Spice Girls'?"

But, inexplicably, she thought it was OK. Even after I said she was Daniel Bedingfield's sister.

"There was a weird sample in it that sounded like something else."

Anyone know what it is?
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Sunday, April 18, 2004

For someone who's supposed to be so pleased with the place she's in, she sure sounds defensive. Obviously, it's nice that she hasn't gone down the cliched, dull R&B route - although there is a nod to the same in the blurpy, farting backing. But what's nice is that she's running words all over the place that just don't fit together, the half-rhymes grating on my ears and she does that gritty voice thing that Pink used to do that was really, really annoying.

As defining statements of singledom go, it's no Independant Women, Part I, though, and as catchy numbers about not needing a man go, well, I'd rather have Whoop! by Holly Valance frankly. Or Single Girl by Lush. Or indeed, nearly anything else. Oh, what do I know? She's the sister of a rubbish singer who is inexpicably popular, I can't possibly review it without prejudice. I know... I'll get my sister to review it. I bet she thinks it's crap too, though.
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