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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Time for another temporary break fo posting - though I readily concede that these are so frequent they should perhaps be assumed unless I specifically warn I will be posting regularly. But I shall be away and sans internet until Sunday night.

Anyway, if you haven't read this fantastic NYLPM Square Table collaborative evaluation of Rachel Stevens then hie thee hence, as quite a few of my favourite pop writers are represented (including one who I think would be considered one of the blogosphere's finest most intelligent writers if he were to do a bit more work in English here and there). Anyway, two commentators have noticed the similiarity between Some Girls and Amii Stewart's Knock On Wood (my second favourite disco single, as it happens). Coincidentally, La Stevens recently covered Knock On Wood, so I've put an MP3 up for interest's sake, though her version is quite good the breakdown isn't as effective due to the discotastic break after the second verse being cut and the long breakdown being sliced in half. Ah well.

While I'm away, you could be lovely and these two things (or just the second if you're stumped).

a) Post in the comments the name of a great pop song from 2004 you think I won't have heard. Or even an album, if you're feeling rockist.

b) Guess what my favourite disco single is, just for fun.

Come on, I'm coaxing you regulars out of anonymity. Do it! I might offer some kind of mix CD as a prize for the best answers.
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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Getting ever more boring and rubbishly written because I'm trying to get them done before Tuesday. Repeats: O-Zone (9), Britters (10), Haiducii (5), Kelis (10), Frankee (0), Mario Winans (3).

2. KJARTAN - Standing Tall. A sort of ungainly, throbbing pop-rock number with a pleasing rhythmic stomp to the chorus - especially the bass - but melodically it is rather dull and the hooks don't do it for me, though only the harshest would critic would deny it was well sung. I think this may be another Norwegian Idol winner.. maybe? 6

7. MARIA ARREDONDO - Mad SUmmer. This appears to be a summery dance track in the vein of Ace Of Base if they wen't infectious. 4

9. JIM STÄRK - Morning Songs (EP). Ooh, an EP. so I suppose I have to listen to it all rather than just judging the title track. It's a sort of a folky singer-songwriter affair. The first track has some really great 60s organ happening. The third has some nice organ with a bit of brass! The last song is a bit scratchy. The best song is the second, Don't You Have A Friend?, which sounds, if you have any faith in my comparisons, a bit like 70s Elton John and wouldn't be out of place on a Candy Butchers album. That gets an 8, so therefore so does the EP. 8 [MP3]

55 points, making a total of 232, a nice neat 58 average.
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