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Thursday, August 26, 2004

No, I'm not back yet. I'm flying down to Sydney for two days before making my way back to Canberra, at which point normal posts will resume.

That said. A lovely person called Geoff (who'll be on my CECCOD panel, not too late to get on it!) sent me the Lena PH album and I have been loving it a lot. If you like umlauts and Swedish disco, I recommend it. Ironically, there are no umlauts in the title of this one. Lena Philipsson - Det Nya Europa

Also, another CECCOD panelist, Andries, made me ridiculously happy by sending me a new Natalia single. Who needs p2p applications? Anyway, this is a great big soulful disco number, with the emphasis squarely on disco. Rather fittingly for someone who was on Belgian Idol, this sounds like a great big crowd-pleaser perfect for a future such contestant. Natalia - Risin'

Lastly, I've buried the hatchet with the label who shall not be named, after pleasant, cordial, productive discussion with another person at the label. Hooray for that, then. TO CLEAR UP: There is NO ILL WILL on my part toward that label whose name starts with F.
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